Growing your own food in 2022!

If you’re looking to eat more organically and improve your local environment, there is no better place to start then your own backyard. You can start planting and growing things where you live, which will not only provide you with an additional source of food, but it’s also very rewarding to be more in control of your own food supply. Due to climate change, the world is going to be facing global food shortages and I believe people will eventually go back to growing their own food in masses as many people did before technology and globilisation existed. Forestry and food growing go hand-in-hand as good woodland management encourages a wide array of biodiversity and a prime habitat for wild foods. For centuries, humans survived solely from foraging and hunting, yet many of us have lost touch with hunter and gatherer ancestors. We encourage everyone we meet to join a local foraging course, which are often hosted in forests and woodlands as they are the best places to promote the growth of a fantastic array of wild foods. My favourite is mushrooms!